Conclusion, Steam’s Final Hour

I hope you enjoyed your behind-the-scenes tour of Steam’s Final Hour.  There was something symbolic about that Wednesday afternoon in June — the best of steam power, represented by the 6330, giving way to the best of diesel power.  On Wednesday, June 17, 1953, at 3:00PM, an era — an age, an epoch — ended.  It is like we shall never see again.

To conclude this historical journey, I’m sharing several photos taken on that memorable day:

Ralph Clevenger taking water at Montlake, Tennessee.  (Credit: Chattanooga Times)

The 6330 Crew from L-R: J.E. Griffey, fireman; A.R. Clevenger, brakeman; C.D. McMahan, flagman, Harry H. Houghton, conductor, and C.F. Case, engineer. (Credit: Mr. Howard Olmstead, courtesy of the Southern Railway Historical Association)

The 6330 on 6.17.1953 in Citico Yards. (Credit: Mr. Herman Lamb)

The 6330 on 6.17.1953 in Citico Yards. (Credit: Mr. Herman Lamb)

The 6330 on 6.17.1953 in Citico Yards. (Credit: Mr. Herman Lamb)

The 6330 on 6.17.1953 in Citico Yards. (Credit: Mr. Herman Lamb)

Click here to view footage from the print signing on November 19, 1994.

Click here to view/purchase this print at Rock on Trains.

“Coming Up” — In my next entry, I’ll discuss the history and development of my Cleveland, Tennessee, Southern Railway Depot painting, Crew Change.

Additional blog features on the way:

  • “The Canadian Corner” — photos of Canadian National and Canadian Pacific steam engine scenes, mostly in Ontario.
  • “Depot Doings” — photos of railroad stations in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, and Michigan; videos to include Southern action around Cleveland, Tennessee in 1978 and Southern steam fan trips.  (These full-length videos are available for purchase.)

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2 thoughts on “Conclusion, Steam’s Final Hour

  1. Very nice Tom. Love this blog by the way. Can’t wait for the “Canadian Corner” 😉


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