Canadian Corner: Lansdowne

Today’s feature photos are of the Canadian National Railway‘s rail car ferry,  Lansdowne. These photos taken in 1959 were shot at Windsor, Ontario. The Lansdowne was used to transfer rail cars across the Detroit River from the Canadian National yards in Windsor to the Pere Marquette yards in Detroit, Michigan.  Learn more about the Lansdowne here.

Canadian National Railway: Lansdowne (Credit: Unknown)

Canadian National Railway: Lansdowne (Credit: Unknown)

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3 thoughts on “Canadian Corner: Lansdowne

  1. Dear sir: I am a volunteer researcher and teacher for Elder College and am working on the 1939 royal visit which drew 1/2 million people. I am finding information on the Royal trains but originally Windsor was excluded from the tour due to the poor CNR station. Eventually the tour came to the foot of Riverside near Moy and a temporary platform was erected. Can you suggest someone who has more information on Windsor rail around 1939 and the station. Anything would be great. Thanks Gary Wells

  2. Gary,
    Can you be a little more descriptive regarding the 1939 Royal visit. A friend of mine from Sarnia might help if we knew just exactly what you are looking for. I Googled Southwestern Ontario Digital Archives under King George VI and found a photo of him and the Queen mother taken in Windsor. Also Bob Mitchell, a friend of mine who teaches Elder College might possibly be able to help. The only thing I have photos of are the old CNR Windsor station. Hope this helps. If you have any more questions please send them my way

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