Depot Doings: Athens + Sweetwater, TN

Today’s featured depots are on the Southern Railway at Athens and Sweetwater, Tennessee. Both of these depots have been removed from service. The photo of Athens was taken in 1978 and the depot at Sweetwater was taken in 1981.

Southern Railway Depot: Athens, TN (Credit: Tom Rock)

Southern Railway Depot: Sweetwater, TN (Credit: Tom Rock)

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2 thoughts on “Depot Doings: Athens + Sweetwater, TN

  1. Such wonderful memories of the Sweetwater, TN depot. My dad, W.H. (Bill) Green was the
    agent there 1949 through 1953. There was an agent, clerk, warehouse man, around the clock
    operator and a Railway Express Agent in those days. It was a busy, busy agency. I was just a kid
    but I can remember the train approach enunciator light coming on in the operators office and the
    operator saying to the train dispatcher “by Philadelphia or by Niota, Sweetwater” and if need be
    the dispatcher would put out a train order. I remember trains Nos 44 and 45, Nos 41 and 42 and
    the “Milk Train” Nos 9 and 10. Thanks so much for the memories. I am now 73 years old.

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