Canadian Corner: CP Railway Steam Engines

Featured subjects on todays Canadian Corner are Canadian Pacific Railway steam locomotives. These photos were taken in the early 1950s. Photo locations for these CPR images are the John Street Roundhouse in Toronto, Ontario; Windsor, Ontario; Orrs Lake, Ontario; and Montreal, Quebec.

CPR No. 5118 - Orrs Lake, Ontario (Credit: Unknown)

CPR No. 3100 - John St Roundhouse, Toronto, Ontario (Credit: Unknown)

CPR Royal Hudson No. 2855 - Windsor, Ontario (Credit: Unknown)

CPR No. 2457 - Montreal, Quebec (Credit: Unknown)

Rock on Trains © 2011, Tom Rock + T.D.R. Productions.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Tom Rock is strictly prohibited.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Corner: CP Railway Steam Engines

  1. You have some excellent scenes of steam (Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson 2855) and of the riverfront yard of Canadian National Railways along the Detroit River, all familiar to me since I was a child in Windsor, Ontario. Very, very enjoyable. Thanks, Tom! I used to ride the old Sandwich, Windsor & Amherstburg buses on the higher ground above the CNR yard (on my knees so I could see out the windows!) and memorized everything I saw below. Later, as a youth, I often hung out at the old Grand Trunk/CNR station hoping to get an invitation up to see the cab of their great 4-8-4 Northerns poised to take off to London and Toronto. I succeeded several times!

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