Depot Doings: Lexington, KY / Cordele, GA / Bridgeport, AL / Winchester, TN

Featured Southern Railway depots this month are Lexington, KY (1978) and Cordele, GA (1978). Featured Louisville & Nashville depots are Bridgeport, AL (1980) and Winchester, TN (1978).

The Bridgeport, AL depot has been restored and is now a museum; the museum contains local artifacts and railroad memorabilia as well as a historical research library.  To my knowledge, the Cordele, GA and Lexington, KY depots have been razed while the Winchester, TN depot now houses a construction company’s offices. The L&N trackage through Winchester has been removed.

Southern Railway Depot -- Lexington, KY (Credit: Tom Rock)

Southern Railway Depot -- Cordele, GA (Credit: Tom Rock)

L&N Railway Depot -- Bridgeport, AL (Credit: Tom Rock)

L&N Railway Depot -- Winchester, TN (Credit: Tom Rock)

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