Depot Doings: Opp, AL / Cullman, AL / Dothan, AL / Eufaula, AL / Lafayette, AL / Enterprise, AL

February’s featured depots include the L&N Railway at Opp, AL (2004), and Cullman, AL (2007), along with the Atlantic Coast Line Railway at Dothan, AL (2004), the Central of Georgia Railway at Eufaula, AL (2008) and Lafayette, AL (2008), and the Alabama Midland Railway at Enterprise, AL (2009).

The L&N depot at Opp, AL was constructed in 1928 and is currently owned by the Alabama and Florida Railway.

The L&N depot at Cullman, AL was built in 1913. The CSX Railroad section crews used the depot until March 23, 1990, when the City of Cullman purchased it for restoration. It currently houses offices of the Cullman County United Way.

The ACL depot at Dothan, AL was constructed in 1907. The railroad used this station until 1985 when it was closed. It laid dormant until the City of Dothan purchased it in 1989 from CSX to prevent its demolition. In 2007 and 2008, Wiregrass Transit Authority restored the building to serve as its headquarters.

The C of G Freight depot at Eufaula, AL was constructed in 1889. The Freight depot remained in service until the late 1980’s when it was acquired by the City of Eufaula. It was restored in 1999 and now houses the Eufaula Chamber of Commerce.

The C of G depot at Lafayette, AL was constructed in 1908 and now houses the Chambers County Museum.

The Alabama Midland Railway depot at Enterprise, AL was erected in 1903. In 1974 the Pea River Historical Society purchased the depot and began operation as a museum.

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