Southern Railway No. 4501 Rebuild Update

southern-railway-logoBy now, everyone knows of the success of Norfolk Southern and TVRM‘s smashing success regarding the new steam program. The rebirth of #630 and her trips last year and this past spring were nothing short of spectacular. Fortunately for SR fans, the best may be yet to come. Legendary #4501 is in the shop being rebuilt at the current time, and this report from G. Mark Ray at TVRM, courtesy of, gives us the latest from the shops:

“The firebox work is complete. She’s now had 100% of the staybolts and mud ring rivets replaced, around 97% of the firebox sheets renewed (two small areas under the rear tube that were renewed in 1984 were left intact), the backhead replaced, a flush patch installed in the right side exterior side sheet, the exterior throat sheet renewed, and a flush patch put in the dome course to replace a forge weld…

“All the boiler studs and boiler fittings are applied. The tubes and flues will not be installed until she’s back on her wheels…. Finally, the new smokebox front is being fabricated using the same centerpiece pattern as 630…

“Machinery work is in full swing. All the spring rigging is sitting on the shop floor. We found the front equalizer was frozen solid at the pivot pin which made it difficult to remove. The engine truck is ready for assembly once pins and bushes are returned from the heat treater. The driving boxes are coming along quite well. Hub liners are applied, babbiting installed, and final machining is underway. The shoes and wedges are being cast and should arrive just in time for machining…”

Update courtesy of the Southern Railway Historical Association.

1 thought on “Southern Railway No. 4501 Rebuild Update

  1. My family and I rode the fan trip out of New Albany, Indiana to Huntingburg Indiana on a Saturday the end of July 1972 . Four very young children, wife and I all enjoyed the trip. Then on Sunday we followed the train out and back getting pictures and recordings of the sounds. Loved every minute of it. My Grandpa and Dad both worked on the Pennys out of Jeffersonville, Indiana.

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