Southern Railway No. 4501 Rebuild Update #5

southern-railway-logoIt’s time for another update on the Southern Railway No. 4501 Rebuild from the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum‘s “Smoke & Cinders” newsletter.  (Click the small images below to view the full-size newsletter pages.)

The introduction reads:

STEAM UP! — In early March, and for the first time in sixteen years, Locomotive #4501 had a fire in its firebox.  Several years of work went into getting the boiler to this level of completion and it passed its steam test for the FRA.  After checking out the boiler, the locomotive was rolled back into the shop to continue its reassembly.  Smoke from the stack was an impressive sight, but there would still be plenty of work to be done before the engine could undergo actual operational testing.  Each week it seems that more “task items” are erased from the white board by TVRM’s very talented craftsmen.  (All photos by Steve Freer unless otherwise noted.)


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