2 thoughts on “Sou Rwy #6689 – Birmingham Al (Credit Gary Everheart)

  1. Thank you for providing this picture. From family history, in 1936 my grandfather was struck by this train and was killed. According to family, the engineer and crew never knew about the incident, until much later up the line they were notified. The weather was said to be a damp, drizzly day with heavy fog. I have searched for any kind of report of the accident, but, I can’t find any information. If you have any suggestions about any source that might have information regarding the accident, I would appreciate you letting me know. Thank you very much. Betty Lankford

  2. Betty, I’m terribly sorry to hear of your loss. If you are looking for some closure on this, you might try contacting the Southern Railway Historical Association in Kennesaw Georgia. They keep up with quite a bit of the Southern Railway archives. I’m sorry I could not suggest anyone else.

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