Depot Doings: Burgin, KY / Ooltewah, TN / Attalla, AL / Detroit, MI

Today’s featured Southern Railway depots are Burgin, KY (1980), Ooltewah, TN (1970), Attalla, AL (1978) and Michigan Central station, Detroit, MI (1982).

The Burgin, Ooltewah, and Attalla depots have been razed.  The Michigan Central station in Detroit still exists; its condition is slowly declining due to the elements, and its future is unknown at this time.

Southern Railway Depot – Burgin, KY (Credit: Tom Rock)

Southern Railway Depot – Ooltewah, TN (Credit Unknown)

Southern Railway Depot – Attalla, AL (Credit: Tom Rock)

Michigan Central Station – Detroit, MI (Credit: Tom Rock)

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