Depot Doings: Marshallville, GA / Montezuma, GA / Scottsboro, AL / Madisonville, TN

Today’s featured depots are Central of Georgia Railway, Marshallville, GA (1978) and Montezuma, GA (1978).  The featured Southern Railway depot is Scottsboro, AL (1978) and the Louisville & Nashville Railway depot is Madisonville, TN (1978).

The Marshallville depot was built in 1912 after a fire destroyed an earlier station. Following the railroad vacating the building, it was renovated for use as a restaurant, Rosati’s Depot. Montezuma’s 1890 depot was constructed on the site of an earlier depot. The building was rennovated in 2001-2002 and serves as the Macon County Museum. The Southern Railway depot in Scottsboro, AL was originally built in 1860-1861 for the Memphis Charleston Railroad. The depot is one of only three remaining pre-Civil War railroad depots in Alabama. It is currently restored. The L&N depot in Madisonville, TN was demolished around 1979 and removed from service.

Central of Georgia Railway Depot - Marshallville, GA (Credit: Tom Rock)

Central of Georgia Railway Depot - Montezuma, GA (Credit: Tom Rock)

Southern Railway Depot - Scottsboro, AL (Credit: Tom Rock)

L&N Railway Depot - Madisonville, TN (Credit: Tom Rock)

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