Waiting on 33

Today’s blog entry offers a behind-the-scenes look at my 1993 painting of the Louisville & Nashville depot at Englewood, Tennessee.  The title of this painting is “Waiting on 33.”  In this nostalgic scene L1 Class No. 417 is coming off of a redboard on its way to Atlanta as J3 Class No. 1510 looks on.

“Waiting on 33” Painting Reference Photo

“Waiting on 33” Preliminary Layout by Tom Rock

“Waiting on 33” at 36 hrs development

“Waiting on 33” at 68 hrs development

“Waiting on 33” at 108 hrs development

“Waiting on 33” at 168 hrs development

“Waiting on 33” at 216 hrs development

“Waiting on 33” Complete at 250 hrs development

Englewood Depot History

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