Depot Doings: Greenville, AL / Florala, AL / Decatur, AL / Leeds, AL / Fayette, AL / Bessemer, AL

January’s featured depots include the L&N Railway at Greenville, AL (2007), Florala, AL (2004) and Decatur, AL (2007). The Southern Railway depots are at Leeds, AL (2008), Fayette, AL (2008) and Bessemer, AL (2008).

The L&N depot at Greenville, AL was restored in 1995 and currently houses a museum. The depot at Florala, AL was built in 1902; it has been restored and currently houses the Florala Historical Museum. The depot at Decatur, AL has fallen into disrepair and appears to be abandoned. The Southern Railway depot at Leeds, AL was built in 1884 for the Georgia-Pacific Railway; it is undergoing restoration today. The depot at Fayette, AL has been restored, and its current use is not known. The depot at Bessemer, AL was built in 1916; it has been restored and is currently the home for the Bessemer Hall of History.

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