Depot Doings: Tate, GA / Ellijay, GA / Evergreen, AL / Milton, FL / Pascagoula, MS / Hopkinsville, KY

LN-logoFeatured Louisville & Nashville depots on the blog this month are those in Tate, GA; Ellijay, GA; Evergreen, AL; Milton, FL; Pascagoula, MS; and Hopkinsville, KY.

The depot at Tate, GA was built in 1916 and is now owned by the Georgia Northeastern Railroad where it is currently used as a crew base for the yard and business office.

The depot at Ellijay, GA was built in 1912. It is a picturesque wood-frame structure similar to others along the “Hook and Eye” line. No longer in railroad use, it currently houses a local business.

The depot at Evergreen, AL was built in 1907. The building has been totally restored even though it was threatened by demolition in the 1970s. It currently houses the Evergreen-Conech County Chamber of Commerce.

The depot at Milton, FL was built in 1909 on the site of the former Pensacola and Atlantic depot, built in 1882, which burned down in 1907. In 1973, the station was closed, but partially restored with a 1976 Bicentennial grant. Today the building is owned by the Santa Rosa Historical Society.

The depot at Pascagoula, MS was built in 1904. It was restored during the 1970s and converted into an Amtrak station. In addition, the the station serves as an art gallery owned by the Singing River Art Association.

The depot at Hopkinsville, KY was built in 1892. It is a single story framed building with a slate roof. During its operation, it was the only L&N station between Evansville, IN and Nashville, TN where it was legal to drink alcohol, thus giving Hopkinsville the nickname, “Hop Town”. It currently houses the Pennyrile Arts Council.

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Depot Doings: Valdosta, GA / Hogansville, GA / Knoxville, TN / Homestead, FL / Montezuma, GA / Marshallville, GA

Depot Doings for January 2014:

Atlantic Coast Line depot is Valdosta, GA (1964); Atlanta & West Point depot, Hogansville, GA (2009); Southern Railway depot, Knoxville, TN (1970’s); Florida East Coast depot, Homestead, FL (1964); Central of Georgia depot, Montezuma, GA (1978); Central of Georgia depot, Marshallville, GA (1978).

  • The ACL depot in Valdosta, GA was built in 1907 and razed in 1994.
  • The FEC depot in Homestead, FL has been removed and relocated to the Pioneer Museum at Florida City, FL.
  • The AWP depot in Hogansville, Georgia, was constructed between 1890 and 1900. After the railroad vacated the depot, it was used for a time as a childcare center. Between 2003 and 2007 it was restored for use as a railroad-themed restaurant.
  • The Southern Railway station at Knoxville, Tennessee, was built in 1903. Following the departure of the last passenger train in August 1970 it started to fall into disrepair. The station was fully restored in 1989 and now serves as the headquarters for a prominent architectural firm.
  • The C of G depot at Marshallville, GA was built in 1912. It has been restored and now houses a restaurant.
  • The C of G depot at Montezuma, GA was constructed in 1890 with additions added in 1924 and 1929. The building was restored in 2001-2002 and now serves as the Macon County Museum.

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