Depot Doings: Greenback, TN / Englewood, TN / Walled Lake, MI / Fowlerville, MI / Leamington, Ont. / Windsor, Ont.

Today’s featured L&N depots are Greenback, TN (1978) and Englewood, TN (1934); featured GTW depot is Walled Lake, MI (1979); C&O depot is Fowlerville, MI (1979); Pere Marquette depot is Leamington, Ontario (1976); finally, CNR depot is Windsor, Ontario (1950s).

The L&N depot in Greenback, TN has been closed and the tracks removed many years ago; the last I heard, the building was for sale.  The L&N depot in Englewood, TN was razed in the early 70s. The GTW depot in Walled Lake, MI operated in conjunction with the Michigan Star Clipper dinner train for 24 years until December 31, 2008, when train service was discontinued; as far as I know, the depot still exists.  The C&O depot in Fowlerville, MI still exists, however it is unknown whether or not the CSX railroad still uses it.  The PM depot in Leamington, Ontario was destroyed by fire on August 16, 1998. The CNR depot in Windsor, Ontario was razed in 1961; a new depot to replace it was built in Walkerville, Ontario.

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