Depot Doings: Leeds, AL / Knoxville, TN / Bessemer, AL / Toccoa, GA

southern-railway-logoFeatured Southern Railway depots on the blog this month are those in Leeds, Alabama; Knoxville, Tennessee; Bessemer, Alabama; and Toccoa Georgia.

The depot at Knoxville was built in 1903. The Southern Terminal is a former railway complex to include a passenger terminal and express depot adjacent to a large railyard. During the 1850’s the arrival of the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad and its predecessor lines transformed Knoxville into one of the southeast’s major wholesaling centers. In 1894 the ETV&G was absorbed by the Southern Railway, which in turn became part of the Norfolk Southern Railway in 1982.

The depot at Leeds, AL was built in 1883-84, following the completion of the Georgia & Pacific RR between Birmingham and Atlanta. The G&P remained until it was taken over by the Richmond & Danville RR in 1885, succeeded by the Southern Railway in 1894. Efforts to save the building were in 1980 after the Southern merger with Norfolk Southern. The depot was added to the National Register of Historic Places prior to the restoration completion in 1984. In 1999, the City of Leeds turned the old baggage room into a public meeting room. Two other rooms in the depot are a museum featuring railroad history, records and artifacts.

The Alabama Great Southern Railroad Company completed construction of the Bessemer passenger terminal in March 1916 at a cost of $30,000. The structure is 170 ft long and 50 ft with exterior walls of pressed brown brick. The ticket office was located in the center of the building and today contains original cabinets and desks. Today the depot is home to the Bessemer Hall of History.

The depot at Toccoa, GA was built in 1915. Much, however, is known about the adjacent railroad line. Built originally as the Atlanta & Richmond Air-Line in 1873. In 1877, the railroad was renamed Atlanta and Charlotte Air-Line Railway and in 1894 became part of the Southern Railway, which in turn became the Norfolk Southern. Today the Amtrak Crescent (old Southern Crescent) makes regular stops there. The depot has been restored to its appearance in 1940 and houses the Toccoa-Stephens Chamber of Commerce, the Welcome Center, the Stephens County Historical Society and Currahee Military Museum.

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Depot Doings: Greenville, AL / Florala, AL / Decatur, AL / Leeds, AL / Fayette, AL / Bessemer, AL

January’s featured depots include the L&N Railway at Greenville, AL (2007), Florala, AL (2004) and Decatur, AL (2007). The Southern Railway depots are at Leeds, AL (2008), Fayette, AL (2008) and Bessemer, AL (2008).

The L&N depot at Greenville, AL was restored in 1995 and currently houses a museum. The depot at Florala, AL was built in 1902; it has been restored and currently houses the Florala Historical Museum. The depot at Decatur, AL has fallen into disrepair and appears to be abandoned. The Southern Railway depot at Leeds, AL was built in 1884 for the Georgia-Pacific Railway; it is undergoing restoration today. The depot at Fayette, AL has been restored, and its current use is not known. The depot at Bessemer, AL was built in 1916; it has been restored and is currently the home for the Bessemer Hall of History.

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