Depot Doings: Huntsville, AL / Clinton, TN / Tellico Plains, TN / Tullahoma, TN

Featured Southern Railway depots this month are Huntsville, AL (1978), and Clinton, TN (1980). Featured Louisville & Nashville (L&N) Railway depots are Tellico Plains, TN (1978), and Tullahoma, TN (1978).

The Huntsville, AL depot has been restored and is now a museum. The Clinton, TN depot has been restored, but its occupancy status is unknown. The Tellico Plains depot currently houses the Monroe Farmers Co-op, while the Tullahoma depot has been restored and houses a museum.

Southern Railway Depot: Huntsville, AL (Credit: Tom Rock)

Southern Railway Depot: Clinton, TN (Credit: Tom Rock)

L&N Depot: Tellico Plains, TN (Credit: Tom Rock)

L&N Depot: Tullahoma, TN (Credit: Tom Rock)

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