NEW! Southern Steam Feature

southern-railway-logoA new photo feature here at Rock on Trains will feature various types of steam locomotives from such railroads as the Southern, Louisville & Nashville, NC&StL and Central of Georgia. April’s Southern Steam subjects are on the Southern Railway at various locations:

  • Sou Rwy No. 1341 – Saluda Grade – 1946
  • Sou Rwy No. 1380 – Atlanta, GA – 7/47
  • Sou Rwy No. 1459 – Saluda Grade – 7/49
  • Sou Rwy No. 1479 – Location Unknown – 1946

Photos courtesy of

  • Sou Rwy No. 4834 – Greenville, SC – 7/53
  • Sou Rwy No. 4885 – Charlotte, NC – 5/6/46
  • Sou Rwy No. 1205 – E. St. Louis, IL – 7/38
  • Sou Rwy Steam Enroute to Scrappers – Kidsville, NC – 11/3/52

Photos courtesy of

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1 thought on “NEW! Southern Steam Feature

  1. Must be quite a grade at Saluda!! Only 5 or 6 passenger cars and I see a helper on the end.
    I really hate seeing the photo’s of Steams Engines about to be scraped……. It’s like watching a loved one about to die. OK maybe not quite that dramatic 🙂

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